Federation of Farnham and Rickling

Our Staff

For the academic year 2018/2019

Headteacher  Mrs Hannah Wheatcroft 

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Deputy Headteacher  Ms Emma Harley 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Senior Teacher at Farnham   Mrs Jessica Hickey

Senior Teacher at Rickling    Mrs Kathy Snelling

SENCO:  Ms Emma Woods 


Farnham Teachers

Mrs Janet Parker Willow Class - Reception & Year 1  MFL Leader
Ms Emma Woods Willow Class - Reception & Year 1 SENCO
Mrs Jessica Hickey Silver Birch Class - Years 2 & 3  Senior teacher at Farnham
Mrs Vittoria Townsend Silver Birch Class - Years 2 & 3
Mrs Sara Haughey Horse Chestnut Class - Years 4, 5 & 6 Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

Rickling Teachers

Mrs Ruth Hancock Acorn Class - Reception Music Leader
Mrs Helen Hodges Acorn Class - Reception
Miss Zoe Burrows Oak Class - Years 1 & 2 PE Leader
Mrs Kathy Snelling Beech Class - Years 3 & 4

Senior Teacher at Rickling 

RE, English and Science Leader

Mr Tom Flack Maple Class - Years 5 & 6 Maths Leader
Mrs Katie Knight PPA Cover
Ms Emma Woods SENCO

Farnham Support Staff      

Mrs Ann-Marie Dickason        

Office Manager
Mrs Cheryl Hall Finance Officer
Ms Lucy Hill Teaching Assistant
Ms Greta Stovold

Teaching Assistant

Ms Kathryn Chappell

Teaching Assistant

Ms Carol Brown

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Pinder Mid-day Assistant
Mrs Ros Brown Catering Assistant
Cleaning Company Well Polished

Rickling Support Staff

Mrs Helen Neame Office Manager

Miss Tanya Johnson

Office Admin Support

Mrs Karen Hepworth

Teaching Assistant

Miss Kerry Bassett  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ellen Bushnell

Teaching Assistant

Mid-day Assistant

Mrs Ruth Austin

Teaching Assistant 

Mid-day Assistant

Ms Eva Mackeonis

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Debra Lay 

Teaching Assistant

Mid-day & Catering Assistant

Mrs Irene Browne Catering Manager 
Mrs Susan Whitfield Mid-day & Catering Assistant 
  Office Cleaning Company